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“This is the most up to date, reliable source of information I’ve seen in any form for up and coming bands” - Ross Robinson (A&R I Am Recordings – Slipknot, The Cure and Glassjaw / Producer – At The Drive In, Korn and Deftones)

“Comprehensive insight, observations and DIY strategies are offered, not force-fed, to provoke thought, instill common sense, and inspire ingenuity in those with the perseverance to permeate the rapidly changing ozone of the modern day music business.” - John Cafiero (Manager of the Misfits & the Ramones/Record Label CEO/Producer/Director/Writer & Editor – Commando: the Autobiography of Johnny Ramone/Musician – Osaka Popstar)

“This is a must read for anyone marketing themselves in this new age of media. Jesse has one of the most diverse ranges of real life DIY music industry experience I’ve ever seen, it’s perhaps his realization that the new music industry is not about finding a solution but about constant evolution that makes him so qualified to present this information to us.” - Benjamin Weinman (Guitarist, Songwriter, Manager for The Dillinger Escape Plan)

“At a bit over 600 pages, it’s hard to take in as a whole yet so far I cannot find anything I would describe as padding or filler. It’s simply an amazingly complete guide to taking charge of your music career in hardcore DIY fashion…  The general vibe I get is one of being very clear about the fact that they’re speaking to musicians who want to take charge of their career in order to be able to make their own decisions. In the process they advocate building a solid, lasting foundation that takes advantage of the overwhelming array of online tools available for DIY artists…  If you had to go with just one book on DIY music biz, this would be the one.” - Clyde Smith (

“Astonishingly packed… $10 well spent indeedy”Adrian Fusiarski (

For anyone out there in a band or with an interest in the music industry, check this book out… As kids in bands growing up, we did A LOT of stupid stuff… This book will teach you how to ‘play it cool’ and make some smart/innovative decisions.” - Man Overboard

“It may very well be the most essential text written in recent years for anyone in the music industry.” - Thirty Roses

“If you play in an aspiring band, it is a must read!” - Transit

“Comprehensive, 700-page look and DIY guide to the real way the music industry works today” - Free Williamsburg

“A HUGE undertaking and completely worth people’s time” - Run For Cover Records

“If you’re serious about your career and are looking for a comprehensive guide that you’ll want to refer to repeatedly and isn’t likely to be outdated any time soon, then be sure to pick this up.” - Christine Infanger (Think Like A Label)

“This book is a complete DIY guide for independent musicians. It’s full of knowledge, wisdom, and resources. It’s super long, and fun/easy to read. A must for the independent musician.” - Dave Herring

“This comprehensive guide book of over 700 pages tears through everything you need to know to get yourself more exposure.”Unveil Music

“If you are looking for a vote of confidence from us here at Indie-Monster you’ve got one. This book is not only full of useful information, but the timing of its release is impeccable. Bands could use this information today now more than ever. New technologies and DIY outlets are popping up on a daily basis. All are helping to level the playing field for musicians. This book aids in leveling it even more. We vote it a must read!”Indie Monster