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Todd Thomas

Todd went to school at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. After a stint writing music reviews at the university newspaper, he began a job writing at the Star News (a New York Times company) as a music and entertainment journalist.

Todd’s musical industry perspective comes from real world experience as well. In the early 2000’s, he was the singer and guitarist in a buzzworthy band called, The Fashion Brigade from North Carolina. Following a few successful tours and an auspicious EP, the band decided to plunk down a large sum of money on a big name producer to help them get the sound they needed for their next big break.  To their utter disappointment, this ‘esteemed’ producer was neither interested in their music or making it sound good,  wasting both time and money and nearly breaking the band up from disappointment.  After this dreadful experience in the studio, Todd was determined to become as self-sufficient as possible, focusing on empowerment through DIY values. It was during this time that he learned firsthand nearly every aspect of the music business – booking shows, touring, self-recording, PR, merch, fan engagement, marketing strategies and more.

As part of this ethos, Todd and his band moved to New York to pursue their music on a grander scale.  Todd now plays in and self-manages a burgeoning band called Sensual Harassment. If you frequently read dance music blogs, there is no avoiding them. They have been featured in Pitchfork, Big Stereo, Vice, Dazed and Confused, Brooklyn Vegan, Oh My Rockness, Purple Magazine, and all over Hype Machine. They record and mix their own records, book their own shows/tours, do their own press and are all the more happy (and arguably successful) for it.

Todd also works as freelance marketing specialist. His latest venture includes an extended stay at Aegis Media, one of the world’s largest media marketing agencies. He has worked on projects for brands such as Gatorade, General Motors, Macy’s, Bailey’s and Procter & Gamble to name a few.  He is a co-founder of Musformation and currently resides in Brooklyn.