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Table Of Contents

Introduction – The Flat Playing Field Of Today’s Music Business
Chapter 1: How Do I Get More People To Hear My Music & Make Fans?
Chapter 2: Managing Your Music
Chapter 3: Tools For Managing & Promoting Your Music
Chapter 4: Selling Direct To Your Fans & The Tools To Do It
Chapter 5: Targeting & Researching Other Musicians For Effective Promotion
Chapter 6: Getting Potential Team Members Excited About Your Music
Chapter 7: Writing A Great Bio
Chapter 8: Dealing With Money & Funding Your Music
Chapter 9: Crowdfunding Campaigns To Fund Your Music
Chapter 10: Planning Your Recording
Chapter 11: Getting Your Music Mastered & Audio Quality
Chapter 12: Choosing Which Songs To Promote
Chapter 13: Releasing & Spreading Your Recorded Music Effectively
Chapter 13: Planning Your Press Strategy
Chapter 15: Getting Press & Covered By Blogs
Chapter 16: Going Viral
Chapter 17: Spreading Your Music With Your Live Show
Chapter 18: Promoting Shows & Increasing Turnout
Chapter 19: Mobilizing Your Fanbase
Chapter 20: Effectively Promoting Your Tour
Chapter 21: Your Image & Graphic Design Promotions
Chapter 22: Making & Selling Great Merchandise
Chapter 23: Distributing Your Music In The Digital World
Chapter 24: Selling & Distributing Your Physical Releases
Chapter 25: Your Email List & Communicating With Fans To Grow Your Fanbase
Chapter 26: Assembling & Spreading Information With Your Website & Blog
Chapter 27: Using SEO & Web Analytics To Get Your Music Discovered & Name Your Group
Chapter 28: How To Make The Most Of Social Networks
Chapter 29: Learning From MySpace’s Downfall & Its Use Today
Chapter 30: Using Facebook To Raise Awareness
Chapter 31: Building Relationships Using Twitter
Chapter 32: Other Social Networks & Services To Promote Your Music On
Chapter 33: Planning & Promoting Your Music Video
Chapter 34: YouTube – The Biggest Music Social Network, Search Engine & Music Video Channel
Chapter 35: Other Video Services To Help Promote Your Music
Chapter 36: Advertising Your Music
Chapter 37: Online Radio: Getting Your Music Heard By Potential Fans
Chapter 38: Promoting Your Music On Terrestrial And Satellite Radio
Chapter 39: Licensing Your Music
Chapter 40: Copyrights, Covers & Sampling: Using Them To Help Promote Your Music
Chapter 41: Publishing Your Music To Make Money From It
Chapter 42: Last Things To Remember