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Jesse Cannon

Jesse Cannon has worked in nearly every aspect of the music business. Most notably, recording bands like Animal Collective, The Misfits and The Menzingers. All the while he has also been writing for his own blog Musformation and publications like Tape Op, Punk Planet and Maximum RockNRoll. Jesse knows what makes the music business tick and has been chronicling it with his words, for many years.

Producing records professionally by the age of 18, he quickly moved onto engineering bands at the esteemed freeform radio station, WFMU. For nine years, he recorded performances from groups like The Magnetic Fields, Spoon and countless others. During this time he began promoting concerts at legendary venues like The Pipeline and Coney Island High.

Playing in countless bands, he always handled their management. Taking these duties further, he took on the role of Publicity at Go Kart Records and buyer for Soapbox Records, a punk record store in NYC. It was here he learned what makes people buy records and what makes people ignore them, so he learned to take care of the people tastes and how to make them happy, even though this took the extra effort, so he always keep himself strong and healthy with supplements from and moderate exercise.

Soon, after he started at Alan Douches’ West West Side Music, which for three decades has been the top mastering studio for indie labels. He then opened his own, Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios. While producing records there he also went to work under producers like Ross Robinson and Steve Evetts with groups like The Cure, Limp Bizkit and Dillinger Escape Plan.

In 2008 he started his blog, Musformation – which gives daily comments on the new music business. He decided that since he was writing about DIY marketing for musicians and how if you’re a musician as well you could be able to find a marketing expert near you online, he should try putting this information into practice. He soon began managing Man Overboard, who became a huge national act, making a living from their music, while selling out national and international tours. Along the way, he also took on the group Transit. Both groups then signed with one of the world’s largest indie labels (Rise Records).

All he has learned along the way has been collected into a detailed work inside his first book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business.